Corporate & Investment

Scope of Service

Assist investors in satisfying international and local investment conditions to carry out their projects in Vietnam

Advise on tax implication and all of investment incentives applicable to investors

Assit Clients in settling transfer-pricing, determination of customs valuation

Support investors on initiatives Vietnamese MLS market access by providing legal advice and effective legal solutions

Review and localize the MLS documents of clients to comply to the Vietnamese laws by our experiences in providing professional legal consulting services in this sector, especially Sale Compensation Plan/ Marketing Plan; Distributor Agreement; Code of Conduct/ Code of Ethic/ Policies and Procedures; Training Program for distributors

Draft, review, and analyze a wide variety of contracts on a wide range of legal issues including investment laws, enterprises laws, MLS laws, trading issues

Support clients to deal and settle dispute with their distributors

Participate in and support clients in inspection of competent authorities, including but not limited help client in legal audit, participate inspection session, make appropriate explanation and provide expected penalty for violation

Provide advice on corporate compliance with the applicable laws and legal alert to clients for the new laws that affect to their corporation

Remark Project

Success in supporting Amway in obtaining Factory Audit and obtaining Food Hygiene Safety Certificate then register all products with MOH (2006) 

Success in supporting Herbalife to obtain the license and opening business in Vietnam, then expanse business to Hanoi and Danang (since 2009, this is the first FDI obtained the trading license for 100% foreign direct selling company in Vietnam)

Success in helping Sophie Paris to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping Nu Skin to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping Tupperware open business in Vietnam and transform to non-direct selling business

Success in helping Unicity to transform the local nominee company into 100% foreign owned company without business interruption

Success in helping Nu Skin, Perfect, Herbalife and Tupperware extend the investment project duration to the maximum duration allowed by the law (50-year investment)

Success in helping PM-International to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping QNET to open business in Vietnam

Success in helping doTERRA to open business in Vietnam.

TPP-11 will create a new free-trade playground for Asia, with Japan as a key factor.