Regulatory product registration - Marketing compliance

Scope of Service

We shall provide the following services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”):

Food Registration

Change of product information after obtaining the Product Certificate

To support to test Food Products

Food Advertising Registration

Cosmetic Registration

Change of product information after obtaining the approved notification

Cosmetic Advertising Registration

Event License

Promotion License

Commodities Classification (HS)

Exception Inspection and Report on the Application of Exception Inspection

State Inspection of Quality, Hygiene and Safety of Imported Foods

Certificate of Eligible Facilities for Food Safety

Remark Project

Reviewed and advised a corporate group specializing in manufacturing and trading of chemical products, insecticidal chemicals and preparations for household and medical uses about the conditions which the client must satisfy in accordance with the applicable laws to set up outlets to import and distribute such products in Vietnam.

Reviewed and provided legal advices to a corporate group in relation to the establishment of a company in Vietnam engaging in import and distribution of functional foods, cosmetic products in Vietnam in accordance with the applicable laws.

Reviewing and advising a corporate group about the regulations in relation to logistic and transportation procedures to ensure that the client’s best interest during the quality inspection procedures; advising about product marketing and advertising compliance.

Reviewed and advised a company primarily operating in the field of dairy nutrition about applicable laws, standards and national technical regulations in relation to the Company's products so that the Company can build compatible product standards and operate lawfully; advised the company on legal issues in relation to milk prices and the methods to classify and register products in the most favorable way to limit the imposition of regulations on milk price management which can negatively affect the company’s business activities, revenue and profit.

Provided legal opinions to a company producing and trading pharmaceutical products in Singapore about trading conditions on pharmaceutical products in Vietnam, legal documents and regulations on registration procedures, quality management, marketing and advertisement of medicine so as for the client to take initiative in carrying out business in Vietnam.

Provided legal opinions to one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing, export, import and distribution of electronic products in Vietnam. In this case, ATIM has advised the clients about (i) the conditions and requirements regarding the product quality and import and distribution procedures; (ii) the legal regulations on technology transfer, technology security; (iii) the process of recall of a product in case of necessity in accordance with the laws to ensure customers' rights as well as to limit risks for the company.

Advised one of the leading companies in the field of trading automobile tires in Vietnam about technical regulations and legal provisions on tire which must be complied to ensure the legality of importation and distribution of such product on the market.


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